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  • Joint Solution Advanced 120 caps


    Glucosamine (From crab shell) ... 1,000 mg
    (750 mg glucosamine HCI and 250 mg Glucosamine sulfate)
    Glucosamine is an important building block needed by the body to manufacture specialized molecules called glycosaminoglycans, found in cartilage. Glucosamine is almost exclusively researched and used for the treatment of osteoarthritis (OA)*.

    MSM ... 500 mg

    Boswellia Serranta Extract ... 300 mg
    (Sabinsa standardized Boswellia serrata supplying 60% boswellic acid) Studies have shown that boswellic acids have an anti-inflammatory actionómuch like the conventional nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) used for inflammatory conditions. Boswellia inhibits pro-inflammatory mediators in the body, such as leukotrienes. As opposed to NSAIDs, long-term use of boswellia does not appear to cause irritation or ulceration of the stomach.*

    Sea Cucumber (Pseudocolochirus axiologus) ... 300 mg
    Sea Cucumber has been shown to be effective in reducing the pain and inflammation seen in the arthritic and traumatized patient.*

    Bromelain (1200 GDU/g) ... 200 mg

    Quercetin (Dimorphandra mollis seed pods) ... 200 mg
    Quercetin acts as an antihistamine and has anti-inflammatory properties.*

    Cucumin C Complex ... 100 mg
    Curcumin, is a potent anti-inflammatory compound found in turmeric that protects the body against free radical damage. A double-blind trial found curcumin to be an effective anti-inflammatory agent in RA patients.*

    Devil's Claw Root (Harpagophytum procumbuns) ... 100 mg
    In one trial Devil's Claw was found to reduce pain associated with osteoarthritis as effectively as the slow-acting analgesic/cartilage-protective drug diacerhein. One double-blind study reported that devilís claw (600 or 1200 mg per day) was helpful in reducing low back pain.*

    Yucca Root (Yucca schidigera) ... 100 mg
    Inflammation of all sorts, including joint inflammations and bleeding, have been treated with yucca. It is also reported that the saponins from yucca are the major constituents in the plant. One preliminary trial reportedly found benefit for patients with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.*

    Alfalfa Herb (Medicago Sativa) ... 100 mg
    Alfalfa is rich in carotenes, vitamin K, chlorophyll, and amino acids. Supports the body in removing inorganic minerals from blood and lymph fluids. Alfalfa is a blood building food.*

    Hyaluronic Acid ... 70 mg

    Collagen Type II (contains 20% chondroitin sulfate) ... 50 mg
    In degenerative joint disease, such as osteoarthritis, there is a loss of chondroitin sulfate as the cartilage erodes. Animal studies indicate that chondroitin sulfate may promote healing of bone, which is consistent with the fact that the majority of glycosaminoglycans found in bone consist of chondroitin sulfate. Chondroitin sulfate has been shown, in numerous double-blind trials to relieve symptoms and possibly slow the progression of, or reverse, osteoarthritis.