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  • Women's 50 Plus Multi 60 caps


    LIFE CHANGES, AND SO DOES YOUR BODY But that doesn’t mean you have time to slow down. You may be still immersed in a career and other aspirations at this milestone. Grandchildren add to the texture of your life at the same time that you might be caring for aging parents. There is no pause: there is only full steam ahead.
    You need your daily vitamins and minerals, but they aren't enough to help you feel your very best. Women's 50 Plus Multi™ provides added nutrients so you can keep up with your busy life. Bilberry extracts and DIM promote healthy breasts, and silica from horsetail combines with boron for strong bones and connective tissue. Lycopene and lutein, of course, are essential for your eyes. Antioxidant curcumin and grape seed extract promote healthy cells, and cocoa extract works with astragalus to help you cope with your daily stress.