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  • D-Tox


    This powerful, over-all detoxifying formula helps your body detoxify the channels of elimination, including the Bowel, Kidneys, Liver, Skin & Lymphatic System. D-Tox caps may also help prevent the unpleasant side effects from chemotherapy and radiation. Please check with your doctor before using D-Tox with chemotherapy.

    N-Acetyl Cysteine
    Supplementation with NAC has been shown to reduce the proliferation of certain cells lining the colon and may reduce the risk of colon cancer in people with recurrent polyps in the colon. NAC also helps the body synthesize glutathione, an important antioxidant. In animals, the antioxidant activity of NAC protects the liver from the adverse effects of exposure to several toxic chemicals. NAC also protects the body from acetaminophen toxicity and is used at very high levels in hospitals for patients with acetaminophen poisoning. It has also been shown to be effective at treating liver failure from causes other than acetaminophen poisoning (e.g., hepatitis, and other drug toxicity) and at preventing kidney damage caused by injections of iopromide, a contrast medium used in people scheduled to undergo computerized tomography (CT) imaging.

    Burdock Root
    In traditional herbal texts, burdock root is described as a “blood purifier” and was believed to clear the bloodstream of toxins.

    Dandelion Root
    Dandelion leaves and roots have been used for hundreds of years to treat liver, gallbladder, kidney, and joint problems. In some traditions, dandelion is considered a blood purifier and is used for conditions as varied as eczema and cancer. As is the case today, dandelion leaves have also been used historically to treat water retention.

    Milk Thistle
    Milk thistle extract may protect the cells of the liver by blocking the entrance of harmful toxins and helping remove these toxins from the liver cells. As with other bioflavonoids, silymarin is a powerful antioxidant. Silymarin has also been shown to regenerate injured liver cells. Recent studies have shown that silymarin has the ability to block fibrosis, a process that contributes to the eventual development of cirrhosis in people with inflammatory liver conditions secondary to diseases such as alcohol abuse or hepatitis.

    Oregon Grape Root
    Before European colonists arrived, the indigenous peoples of North America treated all manner of complaints with Oregon grape. The berries were used for poor appetite. A tea made from the root was used to treat jaundice, arthritis, diarrhea, fever, and many other health problems. Top

    Diindolylmethane (DIM)
    provides powerful antioxidant protection, helping to prevent cellular damage caused by free radicals. In addition, DIM can help to maintain healthy hormonal balance, for both men and women and therefore may support the health of the breast, prostate, and other reproductive organs.